About & History

Savoir-Faire Blues Rock Covers

Top 40 Covers:

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Usher
  • Bruno Mars
  • Ellie King, etc…

Classic Rock Covers:

  • Beatles
  • Eagles
  • Dylan
  • Doors, etc…

Blues Covers:

  • Sam Cooke
  • B.B. King
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Muddy Waters etc…

Originals by D.J. Diebold:

  • Because You’re Mine
  • For Just A while
  • A Heartbeating
  • Dr. Moore, etc…


*We will choose appropriate songs for the venue which will include appropriate volume levels. We realize the importance of this.

Savoir-Faire, A Scottsdale Classic Rock Cover Band With Over 35 Years Of Experience

I wonder if I was really this lucky, I have played with or opened for Grammy Award winners like Bonnie Raitt, Dan Fogelberg, George Benson and Graham Nash from Crosby, Stills and Nash. I have stories that I can tell to only a select few. I have performed live for 35 years and have hundreds of hours as a studio singer and guitarist. Many of my original compositions have been performed by the aforementioned.



Musical Influences


Private Parties & Events

We play at private parties and events upon request.  Private parties cost

as little as $250 for 3 hours of music. We’re playing several parties

in the months ahead.


Audio Samples

What makes D.J.’s original compositions exceptional is his natural and raw ability to play guitar and his rough, natural tone is his voice. Vocally, D.J. has been compared to Jim Morrison and to Bob Dylan in regard to his heartfelt, real life compositions.


Return Engagements by Popular Demand

Return Engagements by Popular Demand include: The Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak, Grapeables Wine Bar in Fountain Hills, Rula Bula in Tempe, TQLA in Mesa, The Mesquite Grill in Gilbert, Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale and various venues across the country.

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